#ChiwaukumComplex #WAfire Morning Update – 10 Aug 14

Pacific Northwest Incident Management Team 2 (PNW2), Chris Schulte, Incident Commander, is in command of the Chiwaukum Complex fires, plus Duncan and Hansel Creek Fires.  Chiwaukum Complex includes Chiwaukum, Shoofly, Mills Canyon, Kelly Mountain, and Alpine Fires.  
Chiwaukum Complex fire personnel are providing initial attack assistance for much of the area surrounding assigned fires.  The recent Railroad Fire, which started on private land located off Merry Canyon Road, was an example of this cooperative effort.  Dozer lines were completed around the fire, and mop-up is underway.
On the Hansel Creek Fire, northeasterly spread has been checked by combination of hand and dozer line, with bucket drops on especially active areas.  The southern flank remains north of Ingalls Creek. The fire continues to spread to the west.
Duncan Fire crews continue to strengthen control lines along Shady Pass Road.  The team plans to conduct firing operations when weather conditions are favorable.  To provide for safety of the firefighters removing brush along the road, the roadblock near Brief has been moved to MP 23.
The Shoofly Fire continues to burn in steep, difficult terrain with heavy fuels in the Little Wenatchee River drainage.   This fire has not grown appreciably in the past few days.  On Friday, August 8, eight rapellers were inserted into the area to evaluate and provide direction for air support. A helispot has been established.
On the Chiwaukum Creek Fire, rehabilitation of the fire lines and back-hauling of excess equipment will continue through the weekend. Active fire remains within the interior of the fire perimeter.  A helispot was established near the southwest edge of the fire.
Yesterday, firefighters scouted the Alpine Fire, located about 5.5 miles west of Lake Wenatchee, and opened up an access road for today’s staffing of 1 hand crew and 2 engines.
NOTE:  In order to facilitate ease in obtaining information on specific local fires, Duncan and Hansel Creek Fires have been separated from the Chiwaukum Complex for reporting purposes.  Please note the individual web addresses for these fires in the bottom of this update.
Under a strong high pressure system, hot and dry weather will continue.  Terrain driven winds (up-slope/up-valley) are expected today.
Evacuations/Closure Information:  Chelan County Emergency Services posts updated evacuations and closures at http://facebook.com/pages/Chelan-County-Emergency-Management/188543097925415 or follow them on twitter @ChelanCountyEM.
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest:  http://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/okawen/alerts-notices
Smoke Information:  http://wasmoke.blogspot.com/
Public Safety:  There are multiple fires in the area with large equipment and increased traffic.  Please use caution and drive with your lights on when travelling in fire areas.
All major roads and businesses in surrounding communities remain open and ready for business.


Additional information for this fire can be found on the #ChiwaukumComplex Inciweb page: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3976/

http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3976/ (Chiwaukum)http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4069/ (Duncan)http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4070/ (Hansel Creek)Twitter: @ChiwaukumFireFacebook: Chiwaukum Creek WAFireHighway Information: Twitter: @wsdot http://www.wsdot.com/traffic/trafficalerts/


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