Ingalls Creek Area Wildfire Closure

ingalls creek trail closure poster

Wildfire Closure Area

**Ingalls Creek Area Closed**

  • In order to provide for public and firefighter safety, the following areas and trails are closed to public entry.

Extreme Danger

       Areas of wildfire

       Falling snags

       Burned off vegetation creates unstable slopes of rolling logs and rocks

       Hidden holes containing hot embers

       Helicopter rotor wash and water drops can cause trees to fall and create debris flows



The Ingalls Creek drainage shaded in red on the map


1391- Beverly-Turnpike (from Wilderness Boundary to Ingalls Creek Trail 1215)

1215- Ingalls Creek Trail (from jct with 1391 to Ingalls Creek Trailhead)

1219- Fourth Creek

1218- Hardscrabble Creek

1217- Cascade Creek

1216- Falls Creek


ingalls creek trailhead poster

Additional information for this fire can be found on the #ChiwaukumComplex Inciweb page:

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